Armario Triple para el Contenedor de la Basura

Código: TE3164
Armario Triple para el Contenedor de la Basura
Armario Triple para el Contenedor de la Basura

Armario de madera con suficiente espacio para esconder tres contenedores de la basura. La tapa del contenedor se abre automáticamente al levantar la tapa del armario. Realizado en madera tratada a presión y terminado con asas y bisagras. Incluye una placa donde puede fijar una cerradura si lo desea.


  • Armario con capacidad para tres contenedores
  • Hecho de madera de recursos renovables tratada a presión
  • Sin armar. Incluye instrucciones para el montaje.
  • Movible, aunque con posibilidad de fijarlo al suelo para mayor seguridad
  • Posibilidad de usar cerradura (opcional)

      Altura 114cm x Ancho 219cm x Largo 85cm

Opiniones de Clientes
Valoración: 3/5 Traducir

"A nice looking unit now it's eventually finished, however, although it was easy to construct in terms of what went where, it was very difficult to get it all square, and it was not very rigid - the metal corner connectors were very flexible! We have had to spend an extra £30 buying additional wood to add to the structure to ensure it is strong enough and square so that the doors hang correctly."

Valorado sábado 29 de julio de 2017

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Delivered exactly as promised"

Valorado domingo 25 de septiembre de 2016

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"The product is fine, the assembled instructions could be a bit more expansive"

Valorado martes 23 de agosto de 2016

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Excellent product. Well worth the money."

Valorado lunes 15 de agosto de 2016

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Easy assembly but requires 2pe

Easy assembled but requires 2 people

Valorado lunes 27 de junio de 2016

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Would have been better with clearer instruction and pree drilled holes. It took too long to put together."

Valorado domingo 8 de mayo de 2016

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Solid and seems good quality. Enjoying putting it together though not quite finished yet - I think you'd need to be pretty slick to get it together in 1-2 hours!"

Valorado martes 22 de diciembre de 2015

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Great solution to hide 3 ugly bins especially when they are painted. Not difficult to construct but takes about 3 hours to assemble."

Valorado domingo 2 de agosto de 2015

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Pretty good, more or less matches the description. Instructions are ok but I'm still trying to figure out how the 'automatic' opening chain is meant to work. It also has a lot of green mildewy stains on it which apparently come from the pressure washing they do. Primrose told me not to clean them off."

Valorado martes 16 de junio de 2015

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Nice construction, very easy to put together, looks good"

Valorado martes 2 de junio de 2015

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