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"The deterrents were purchased to stop a very annoying cat defacating on my lawn and vegetable garden. After a month's useage there has been no change to the feline's habits. Regretfully I will be returning the items as soon as possible."

Valorado martes 22 de mayo de 2018

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"16 maart bestelling gedaan en nog steeds niets ontvangen."

Valorado viernes 30 de marzo de 2018

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"Brought the latest duracell batteries and they last around 12 days, this means to keep these operating all year I will have to spend roughly £486 on batteries, operating instructions say it might take 30-40 days to take effect taking me outside my money back guarantee,"

Valorado lunes 5 de septiembre de 2016

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"Very short battery life"

Valorado miércoles 11 de mayo de 2016

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"Only lasted a few days before batteries died. Sound emitted can be heard easily by human ear. When fitted new batteries the units's test function had stopped working. Rang Primrose who immediately agreed to replace both units so long term assessment not yet possible. But am sceptical that the product will have longevity."

Valorado lunes 9 de mayo de 2016

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"Not sure it works??"

Valorado martes 19 de abril de 2016