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"Good/poor The chimnea it self was well made, but unfortunately the the door was of a very poor quality and does not close, and trying to make it fit has scratched some paint of of the product, which in turn has now rusted, we also needed to ajust the grill to keep it straight.. I researched a long time to find a produced manufactured to a high standard, as all the ones I have seen locally are very poorly made. All in all if the door fitted properly and was of the same high quality as the chimnea itself, I would have said that it was excellent, but it lets the rest of the product down and does not do the job intended. Normally I would have had it replaced, but just don't have the energy to do it at the mo, so will have to tie some string to attach it in some way.."

Valorado sábado 25 de abril de 2015

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"Trotz aufwaendiger Verpackung war die Gittertuer verbeult und beschaedigt..Ober-und Unterteil. Sind nicht besonders passgenau,eine Schraube war falsch.Nach dem ersten Regen rosten saemtliche Schrauben und die vielen Beschaedigungen am Material.Funktionieren tut fer Kamin allerdings gut,haben ihn aber erst 1x benutzt."

Valorado sábado 6 de julio de 2013

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"Product looks good - although rated 2 as your company is being let down by Tuffnells who dropped the cast iron chiminea. One of the boxes had been collapsed and torn in Transit. (I have photographs if you need them). Until the product is used and works I will not know if it works or not. Tuffnells vans hardly look road worthy which reflects badly on your business. I think you have some fantastic products but as a business owner myself the finishing touches i.e delivery, need a polishing! I hope this helps and you manage to action the above points to strengthen your business. "

Valorado lunes 22 de noviembre de 2010