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"Good product just be careful if you need to cut it because it is only glued on the ends"

Valorado sábado 11 de junio de 2016

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"The artifical screening is excellent for covering the pergola over our fish pond - it is now screening the water from the local heron so saving our fish!. However I would caution one thing if you are thinking of cutting it. The cord that interwinds between the slats is only glued to the two outside long edges. Before cutting it make sure you use PVA adhesive (this dries clear) to glue all the cords to the slats along the curved side of the slats - if you don't it will start to fall apart on you - ask me how I know, when my husband was left holding it together over the pond while I rapidly tied the cords tight at the end and temporarily stuck them with nail varnish as the knots keep coming undone! The next day I was on a ladder reaching over the pergola gluing at least the last 18ins, using a long handled wide paint box brush, before being able to neaten up and cut the cords right at the end. Before we use the second piece the gluing will all be done on the ground before we start! This doesn't mean to say it's a bad product - just something to be aware of when you are using it. We would definitely buy again."

Valorado lunes 18 de agosto de 2014

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir


Valorado jueves 8 de agosto de 2013