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"Wurde nicht geliefert"

Valorado viernes 13 de marzo de 2015

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"war leider nicht die auf der Website angezeigte Öse, sie war größer und passte so nicht zu den bereits einige Zeit zuvor bestellten Ösen. Ärgerlich."

Valorado jueves 26 de junio de 2014

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"Pad is twice as thick as the eye that's welded to it. The pads are not square as claimed. The pads were poorly cut on a guillotine cutter of some sort so even opposite sides are not parallel. I bought 10 of these and the holes that are drilled into them are not uniform distance apart which means if one breaks, you'll be drilling at least two new holes when replacing it. Poorly manufactured with zero quality control."

Valorado martes 11 de marzo de 2014

Valoración: 1/5

"El todo no se adaptaba a lo que buscamos. Nos acogimos a la entrega antes de los 60 pero... resulta que el envío cuesta 50€. Por tanto no es viable devolver ningún producto"

Valorado jueves 27 de junio de 2013