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"niet duidelijk bij de bestelling dat er geen stekker aan het snoer zou zitten."

Valorado lunes 2 de abril de 2018

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"Based on our old pump we bought what we thought would do the trick (the particular pump we had is no longer available). It did not do the job required."

Valorado miércoles 27 de mayo de 2015

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"Although pump works faily well for its size it took a long time to prime and to get anything to fit the outlet."

Valorado martes 10 de mayo de 2011

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"I have a problem with my pump. Your cataogue said that this pump could be used on a 12mm pipe. However when it arrived the output was for a much smaller pipe and a small piece of hard plastic 12 mm tube as in the kit but there is no way of attaching it to the pump. What do I do? J E Hanson"

Valorado lunes 18 de octubre de 2010

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"Although I was pleased with the service, the item was not suitable as it was not powerful enough, so I cannot give an accurate review"

Valorado domingo 29 de agosto de 2010