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"I've now fitted the new pump and it's working fine but my advice to all purchasers is to keep the receipt and guarantee because these pumps don't last. I have had two only last one year so it's good that Primrose guarantee for two years because they will replace them under warranty."

Valorado sábado 30 de junio de 2018

Valoración: 3/5 Traducir

"I have just started to install the pump and was surprised that is was mains powered as against 12v which is what asked for in my original enquiry. I have not fitted the pump and wondered if it could be changed for a 12v pump. We have children and I have never been comfortable with 240v pumps as the one you supplied. The make and design are exactly what we want its just the voltage. If you could get back to me that would be great. Kind Regards David Halsall "

Valorado domingo 3 de julio de 2011