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"Asked for an exchange as product seemed to have no power to pump water as it was only trickling, had a new one delivered and it was perfect for about a fortnight then the same thing happened with the new one,it is now sat in my garden looking beautiful but useless, I am so disappointed, I think there is a design fault with the pump,I bought this after reading excellent reviews, surely I can't be that unlucky as to have 2 faulty products,just read my review and they haven't even put the right product on that I purchased ,do they just make things up"

Valorado martes 17 de octubre de 2017

Primrose: "Thank you for your review having checked your order the Product on the review seems to be correct. If you are having an issue with the 2nd pump please contact our Customer Service team and we wll be able to advise you on this as we were not aware there was an issue with the 2nd pump according to the notes on your order.   "