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"Product was basically a pile of poles and sheets. The instructions were poor - no writing just bad illustrations. It took two of us ten hours to build! Finished product is okay, but would rather have paid more for less hassle in retrospect."

Valorado miércoles 1 de julio de 2015

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"Over 20 hours of hard labour later, my poor husband has not yet completed the construction as the instructions are both confusing and conflicting and the quality is poor. Never again, we will not be recommending this product to anyone else."

Valorado viernes 20 de febrero de 2015

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"green house ok but even with years of flat pack construction, it took twice as long to erect as suggested and the instruction booklet was very poor and often left you wondering what you had to do next"

Valorado sábado 4 de octubre de 2014

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"I had read the reviews on this product and having noted that it was not straightforward to assemble, arranged for an experienced diy-er/carpenter to do so. The instructions are so badly thought out that although delivered 2 weeks ago the installer is now fitting it in between other jobs to avoid charging me his usual hourly rate which would cost more than the greenhouse itself! Basically, the instructions do not advise the order in which it should be assembled so it repeatedly has to be taken apart for another part to be fitted later. Having purchased other items in the past from Primrose, I am really disappointed this time."

Valorado martes 23 de septiembre de 2014

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"De schroeven passen niet allemaal goed in het frame. In elkaar zetten gaat hierdoor lastig. Beschrijving had duidelijker gekund. Zwarte doppen passen niet goed waardoor er regen naar binnen kan."

Valorado lunes 26 de mayo de 2014

Primrose: "Wij hebben geen eerder contact met u gehad. Onze klantenservice kan altijd een oplossing vinden voor dit soort problemen. Primrose Nederland, Wina Klantenservice"
Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"instructions were poor."

Valorado martes 29 de abril de 2014

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"The end product is good & v good value for money - however- the fixings for the base were missing - replacements sent straight away (thankyou) - but it meant I couldn't complete on the weekend - the assembly instructions are dire - it took me 20 hours to assemble - dis assemble - reassemble - dis assemble - reassemble. When finished the instructions sort of made sense - but not making it clear to install bolts in lower sections - that you don't need till the end was VERY frustrating - as I say the instruction do sort of tell you - but not clearly at all. you also are instructed to install bolts that you don't need - and some of the parts are clearly not the same as the contents -e.g the final roof strentheners show a middle fixing point - but this doesn't exist on the part Im a very competent DIy er - but this was challenging to say the least - but very pleased with the end result."

Valorado domingo 13 de abril de 2014