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"bonjour est t il normal que le bras principale fasse un 8 quand on le deroule merci"

Valorado sábado 1 de junio de 2013

Valoración: 3/5 Traducir

"We prefer the first awning you deliver and the unit was faulty (adjustment 2) it is very handy in adjusting the height by using the winder to turn the eyelet ring and The replacement awning, adjustment 1 is very difficult to adjust. Due to constant adjustment on the left side the the jack bolt become lose and the thread was damage. We improvised the jack bolt by inserting a nuts inside the unit to prevent the jack bolt to come out. I was very dissapointed because we call someone to fixed the awning into the wall and found out that the awning was faulty I paid £70.00 for the service and the replacement awning delivered the builder needs to change the bracket as the bracket was not the same size from the first faulty awning. For repairing the thread jack bolt and changing the bracket it costs me another £60.00. I wished you change the awning and to deliver the adjustment two unit. It is unfair to your customers encountering this kind of hustle. Thank you "

Valorado sábado 14 de agosto de 2010