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"alles super, sowohl Lieferung als auch die Verpackung"

Valorado jueves 21 de febrero de 2019

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"The awning was good. We only returned it because it was not suitable for where we wanted it to go. The only small thing we didn't like was the way the metal arms looked when the awning was fully pulled out - they remained bent at an angle, rather than being straight."

Valorado lunes 30 de julio de 2018

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"Does the job.............."

Valorado miércoles 25 de julio de 2018

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Solidly built awning. I decided to use epoxy fixings to mount the brackets onto the wall, as fixing through external cement render, otherwise fixing was straightforward for 2 people."

Valorado martes 19 de junio de 2018

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"Produit bien conçu facile à mettre en œuvre."

Valorado martes 24 de abril de 2018

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"Great product which does the job perfectly. One tip if your thinking of purchasing, there are no guidelines for the measurements within the instructions so if possible, lay the awning out on the ground, place the brackets on the awnings and then take your measurements. Trying to do this following the instructions given is a near impossible task, but measuring for the second bracket on the floor works well."

Valorado miércoles 19 de julio de 2017

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"Im heißen Sommer 2015 perfekt! Leider tu ich mich beim kurbeln etwas schwer, was aber in erster Linie mir liegt."

Valorado jueves 5 de noviembre de 2015

Valoración: 5/5

"Una relación calidad precio muy lograda, aunque el color del marfil que sale en la página web, es más acentuado que como realmente es, pues la tonalidad es más blanca que beige"

Valorado domingo 19 de julio de 2015

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Valorado martes 16 de junio de 2015

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"excellent pour le prix, petite retouche à la lime pour ne pas avoir des problèmes à la pose et le tour était joué, elle est posé et remplit sa fonction, nous verrons l'année prochaine si la toile a tenu ou rendu l'âme et si Primrose nous propose encore une nouvelle toile à la bonne dimension!"

Valorado miércoles 3 de junio de 2015

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"Sind zufrieden mit der Markise; Preis Leistung ist gut"

Valorado miércoles 13 de mayo de 2015

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"pose et fonctionnement parfaits"

Valorado jueves 30 de abril de 2015

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Quite good generally, but as we chose a light colour, there were some marks on it which I would not have expected."

Valorado domingo 5 de abril de 2015

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Montagewinkel waren durch den Transport beschädigt, mußten neu lackiert werden"

Valorado miércoles 4 de febrero de 2015

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"really pleased, great quality, easy to fit and looks great."

Valorado viernes 17 de octubre de 2014

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Basic design OK. Some slight chips in the finish of the mounting brackets on delivery. Supplied mounting bolts are adequate, but if I put it up again I'd buy better ones. Otherwise the awning does what I'd expect and seems solid - no rattles and squeaks."

Valorado lunes 4 de agosto de 2014

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Valorado jueves 17 de abril de 2014

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Installed the awning on the following Saturday morning. Good, simple installation instructions and took approximately 2 hours to have it operational. Would certainly recommend it to others."

Valorado martes 11 de marzo de 2014

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"High quality and excellent value for money"

Valorado lunes 2 de septiembre de 2013

Valoración: 4/5

"He adquirido 2 toldos y he quedado muy contenta,quizas la tela es un poco floja por la demas estoy muy contenta un saludo."

Valorado miércoles 28 de agosto de 2013

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Valorado viernes 23 de agosto de 2013

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Sieht schick aus. Wir haben Freude an dieser Markise."

Valorado martes 20 de agosto de 2013

Valoración: 5/5

"I ordered on Monday and received the awning in the Balearic Islands on Friday...amazing speed. The awning arrived complete and undamaged-the quality exceeded my expectations."

Valorado jueves 15 de agosto de 2013

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Cannot believe how inexpensive this excellent product is and the instructions on installation were clear and concise."

Valorado domingo 28 de julio de 2013

Valoración: 2/5

"El toldo llegó con la lona muy sucia, cosa que sólo pude comprobar una vez instalado y extendido. Uno de los soportes a pared golpeado y desconchado. Calidad acorde al precio."

Valorado martes 23 de julio de 2013

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"produkt ist sehr gut ,passt alles"

Valorado sábado 29 de junio de 2013

Valoración: 4/5

"El toldo esta muy bien. La tela es algo fina."

Valorado lunes 24 de junio de 2013

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"Instructions are very poor no dimensions you have to measure everything, template would be useful. Fixings are of a very poor standard had to buy new ones"

Valorado miércoles 19 de junio de 2013

Valoración: 5/5

"Muy buena calidad volvería a comprar Instalación muy simple "

Valorado domingo 9 de junio de 2013

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Good product"

Valorado martes 7 de mayo de 2013

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"Cannot fault the product or delivery"

Valorado lunes 10 de septiembre de 2012

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Excellent awning, easy to install only requires two people when hanging assembly on the wall brackets. All adjustments are described clearly and overall install took under two hours. I would have appreciated more information prior to delivery on mounting arrangements height above doors, bracket spacing and adjustment range (angle), to enable planning of location. Please include more information on your web site. Many Thanks for an excellent product Regards"

Valorado miércoles 23 de marzo de 2011

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"The awning was packed well, and the delivery was extremely fast. Instructions were OK but there was a discrepancy regarding the spanner sizes to use.Other than that we are extremely pleased with this well made & competetively priced awning."

Valorado lunes 2 de agosto de 2010

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"The 2.5m Half Cassette Manual Ivory Awning (24 Model) is well constructed and solid. It was delivered within the stated time arrived in good condition. Fitting went well although the instructions were not the clearest I\'ve ever come across. Once I had worked them out I had the awning fitted and working in a couple of hours. The wall brackets were a very snug fit but hold the awning firm. Only thing we can maybe critisize is that one of the arms does not fold back flat when closed without being pushed back into place - not a major issue though and it is mentioned in the instructions."

Valorado sábado 24 de julio de 2010

Valoración: 3/5 Traducir

"Originally supplied with a missing part, but excellent service saw the missing part delivered the following day. We fitted the awning as per the instructions but found that the awning sits a little too high. One small defect, not worth returning the unit for but annoying neither the less; when the awning is extended the main roller of the cassette has a visible dent in it, that is only visible when the awning is opened."

Valorado domingo 18 de julio de 2010