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"The hose tail was missing after being told it was included."

Valorado martes 6 de marzo de 2018

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"La cascade en inox est arrivée avec un impact et je me suis aperçu ensuite que la lame d'eau n'était pas plane. Obligé de la redressée moi même pour avoir un bon résultat"

Valorado sábado 23 de abril de 2016

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"Expected - having reviewed website detail and pump requirements that outflow would be further than 25mm. Changed pump flow and got disturbed water so now looking at another solution."

Valorado viernes 5 de julio de 2013

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"The item is as described and works fine. The connection (feed) at the back is some non-standard fitting and will take much effort to fit to my pipework. You were not able to tell me the fitting size but insulted my intelligence with "about" 1.25 inchs. Idiot response. To get a connector whose proce should be about £2.50 I wqas supposed to buy a fitting kit at £19.00!. No way. I hate that sort of selling. I will try to avoid your store in future but the waterfall was keenly priced! -- Peter"

Valorado domingo 29 de agosto de 2010