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"this is NOT what I purchased"

Valorado miércoles 5 de julio de 2017

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"Het eerste geleverde waterfonteintje viel na ongeveer 1,5 uur vanzelf uit. Na contact werd dit kosteloos vervangen door een ander exemplaar. Echter, dit werkte totaal niet (de pomp is m.i. defect). Dit exemplaar werd, na aanvraag van een retournummer, gisteren 16 juni 2014 geretourneerd (Kostprijs 17,40). Ik hoop dat nu eindelijk een volledig werkend 3de exemplaar kan geleverd worden en dat de terugzendingskosten worden terugbetaald."

Valorado lunes 16 de junio de 2014

Primrose: "Wij hopen dat u nu een goed werkend fonteintje heeft. Primrose Nederland, Wina Klantenservice"
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"Extremey dissappointed with this product. It only works rarely. At 12 30 today the sun was at irs strongest with not a cloud in the sky and there was not even a trickle from the fountain. If I lift it out of the water and tilt it perpendicular to the sun, the pump slowly strikes up, but when replaced into the pond it struggles to provide a spray of 2 inch high. Had we had sufficient sun to test the product within the 7 days return policy,it would be back with you now. at this time of year it should be working at peak efficiency giving a spray of 12 inches at least for several hours. When it does decide to work we have a span of about 3 hours when we get a show, and a poor one at that. Trevor Myers "

Valorado lunes 6 de junio de 2011

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"Have now recieved 3 of these lilies with 2 as replacements.The company were very helpful but none have worked! Waste of money,postage and time."

Valorado domingo 29 de mayo de 2011

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"Item faulty. Hasn't worked despite a 48 hour charge. Connector appears to be set too far back into the body of the unit.Returned last Saturday."

Valorado domingo 8 de mayo de 2011

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"Item was promptly and safely dispatched but worked for a few moments only. Item was returned but it took a month to have its fault confirmed and a refund issued."

Valorado miércoles 1 de septiembre de 2010

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"Thanks for asking for the feedback but I haven't actually received the item yet. I'm hoping I got this mail as it is already in the post to me somewhere! I did appreciate you keeping me up to date as the item was out of stock when I ordered it and then was late arriving into yourselves. You advised that you expected stock in 21st July and I weas hoping it might turn up this weekend. If you could give me a delivery date I'd be grateful. Kind Regards Mrs C Ellis"

Valorado sábado 24 de julio de 2010