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"This is without a doubt the most uncomfortable bench I have ever purchased. We bought it to replace a ten year old one we had - which was comfy (not in the way of an old sofa, but just 'made right'). This one is just terrible. It's 'made of ticky tacky' - like matchsticks, and I fear every time I sit on it it will break. I've given it a maximum of two years before it will need to be on a bonfire. But more than that, it's so uncomfortable as to be nearly unusable. It's clearly designed to be used with cushions which it doesn't mention in the instructions and if you did buy some, you'd be paying double the price for the cushions. It's also too low for the supplied table - again hinting that it needs the cushions. Go elsewhere to buy a bench - Morrisons - B&Q - they will be either as, or less tacky and much cheaper. For the price it is terrible value for money."

Valorado domingo 15 de julio de 2018