Lámpara Halógena de 1200W sólo compatible con el modelo OL1172

Código: OL1172B
Lámpara Halógena de 1200W sólo compatible con el modelo OL1172

Lámpara Halógena de 1200W sólo compatible con el modelo OL1172

  • Larga duración
  • Eficiente y efectiva
  • Zona de calefacción: 9 m2


  • Largo: 25 cm
Opiniones de Clientes
Valoración: 1/5

"Compre dos y me duraron solamente tres días, creo que tendrían que llamarle la atención al fabricante"

Valorado jueves 20 de noviembre de 2014

Valoración: 3/5

"Salen un poco caras "

Valorado jueves 29 de mayo de 2014

Valoración: 2/5 Traducir

"I've found them on Amazon for £9 not £19.99 from Primrose - wish I'd done this a year ago rather than spend about £260 on replacement bulbs!"

Valorado miércoles 14 de diciembre de 2016

Primrose: "Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you found these replacement bulbs cheaper elsewhere. We do offer a best price guarantee, please see more information on the right side of the Primrose homepage. "
Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"Very helpful staff"

Valorado lunes 18 de julio de 2016

Valoración: 1/5 Traducir

"Bad product . When I complained that the OUTSIDE heaters were rusted inside after only a few weeks use, and not fit for purpose and that was why they kept blowing the bulbs . I was told that they are not really suitable for outside use ."

Valorado jueves 21 de abril de 2016

Valoración: 5/5 Traducir

"first class response to phone call"

Valorado viernes 4 de diciembre de 2015

Valoración: 1/5 Traducir

"Fire arrived on time as promised. It worked for 3days and the bulb (infra red tube) blew. So at a cost of £20 we ordered another bulb from you. (As our electrician said he was unable to buy one elsewhere.) again the fire worked for a couple of hours and blew again. Well, to replace another would have cost more than we had paid for the fire itself......we have given up and don't/can't use it anymore. So, I am completely dissatisfied with the product, and in future will not be buying anything online. Sincerely fed up Ceris Faulkner."

Valorado lunes 2 de marzo de 2015

Primrose: "We're sorry to hear you've been having problems with your heater and bulbs. It sounds like there is a fault with the heater itself which is probably caused by a loose connection. Fortunately, your heater is still covered by our two year warranty, which means that if the heater is faulty it can be replaced. Please call our customer service team to discuss our warranty further and to see if you qualify for a replacement. "
Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"As Above"

Valorado martes 17 de febrero de 2015

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir

"The guy I dealt with polite, knowledgeable and efficient.....and friendly to boot!
Good job guys

Valorado lunes 12 de enero de 2015

Valoración: 4/5 Traducir


Valorado miércoles 17 de diciembre de 2014

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